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  • How To Change Password and Email For Black Desert OBT KR Account

    Because most of players can't get verified Black Desert KR OBT account that they choose to buy Black Desert Korea account from third party. They want to change password and Email for their accounts. So we write this tutorial to guide players.  We won't take back accounts which had been sent to our customers. Just go ahead to change password and Email for security.

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  • How To Play Black Desert OBT Korea Server Outside Korea

    Black Desert OBT KR had been released on 17th December 2014. Many players are waiting for English server. Maybe its EU and US server will be around in 2015 or 2016. If you can’t wait and want to play BD KR server now, The point is get verified Black Desert OBT KR account. As we all know that 99% Korean online games required to verify KSSN or iPin. You can register account on the internet, but you can’t play Korean online games with unverified account. If you want to play Black Desert OBT, please read instructions carefully. Continue reading

  • How to Use ffvpn on PC

    ffvpn is a Chinese VPN provider. It is providing multiple VPN plans. Such as Asia VPN, USA VPN, Chinese VPN and so on. Because some guys don't know how to use it on PC. I want to make a guidance about how to use ffvpn on PC. Continue reading

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