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Tree Of Savior(TOS) Korean server will enter open beta test in December. Regarding the exact date, it is on December 17, 2015. Check exact news here http://tos.nexon.com/brand/20151208/index.aspx#page0. Players can start to download TOS KR OBT client at 3PM Korean time on December 11, 2015, create characters on December 15th and 16th. When all things are done, you can play TOS KR OBT on December 17, 2015. If you don't have verified TOS KR account, buy it from reliable seller ZRATWORLD.COM.

TOS Nexon Official Websitehttp://tos.nexon.com/main/index.aspx

Download TOS OBT Client link:http://tos.nexon.com/pds/download/index.aspx 

Tree Of Savior (TOS) Open Beta Date: December 17, 2015. (3PM Korean time)

Account informations

  • Available to play OBT phase. We won't take back the account.
  • free to play 
  • We will provide account, password, Email and Email password informations. You can create your own In Game Name after log in
  • Brand New Verified Account
  • Available to change password and recharge
  • Don't support for refund
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